Book Club

Discussion questions for book clubs:

1. The setting for The Open Road is the 19th c. American West after the Civil War. In what ways could The Open Road be set in any time period, and in what ways were the time and place essential to the story?

2. Friendship brings an abundance of reward, but also requires sacrifice. What sacrifices did each of the main characters make for another, and how were they reciprocated? Have you given up something in the name of friendship?

3. Meg finds herself in a few self-described “pickles.” In what ways was the fact that she was female put her in more danger, and in what ways did it help her?

4. Historical fiction writers work hard to get the details right. What, if anything, did you read that sparked curiosity in you to investigate further? Examples would be: mating dance of the prairie chicken, Arapaho Indians, treaties, National Park system, survey expeditions, etc. What do you enjoy most about reading historical fiction?

5. Which facets of the main characters are assets and which are flaws? Do you identify primarily with one character, or parts of each main character?


Photo by Chris Casper